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Memorial Day Golf Trophy

AMIENS GOLF CLUB is located in the north of France, in an area where lots of WW1 (‘14 - ‘18) battles took place, among them the famous and most deadly one, ‘The Battle of the Somme’.

Members of this club are very much aware of the sacrifice made by so many young men who lost their life for the freedom and democracy of our free world. We would like to honour these soldiers, by organising the first MEMORIAL DAY GOLF TROPHY, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the end of this war. We invite all their relatives and fellow countrymen to join in a peaceful and enjoyable golf battle.

Let us make sport a bridge between nations and let us have fun !


Daily program – Single Stableford Competition






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Go and discover the Val de Somme Heritage

With its new touristy development strategy, the Community of communes asks to its tourist office, to set up a signalling system of valuation and interpretation of the heritage on the territory of the Val de Somme. This project over 4 years will allow 32 municipalities to possess a signalling system, under the same graphics standards, and highlighting their heritage.
This project is cofinanced by Europe and Department Council of the Somme.

Those panels are about the history, the nature and also about different events that happened and which marked the consciousness of people. On the panels, there is just a little part of the history, for more information, tourists are invited to come at the Tourist Office of the Val de Somme.

The signalling system of Corbie arrived few weeks ago. This is an historical and an patrimonial circuit called "The prestigious Corbie", which is also available in a guided tour. This signalling system is composed of 11 panels, that introduce the history of the city, of its abbey, and the different monuments of the city :

- First step : the beginning of the circuit and the origins of the city.
- Second step : The city function stage which had Corbie during the great war, the crossing point obliged between the soldiers leaving to the rest in the back and those who came back from the rest and went to the front !
- Third step : Some information about the Monumental door of the Abbey and the market place, near the door.
- Fourth step : It is about the Saint-Etienne church and its tympanum and the reclusion of Saint-Colette.
- Fifth step : It is about the history of the Abbey, with some information about the invention of the "caroline", one of the first normative writings in the world.
- Sixth step : It is about the Spanish seat on the city of Corbie and its conquest by Spanish, with the echo which he had in all France.
- Seventh step : It is dedicated to the educational mission which had the monks of the abbey on the rural population.
- Eighth step : It introduce the old hospice of Corbie, destroyed during the First World War.
- Ninth step : It is situated in front of the Saint-Colette chapel and introduce the history of the Saint.
- Tenth step : It introduce the history of the castle (now the town hall of Corbie)
- Eleventh step : It introduce the history of the neighbourhood and the church, with the incredible tympanum, of La Neuville.

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2018, April 25th : The ceremony of the ANZAC Day at the Australian National Memorial in Villers-bretonneux

Every 25 April, Anzac day commemorates the bloody Battle of Gallipoli between the Australian and New Zealand forces and the Ottoman army in 1915. Every year the event brings together several thousand Australians and New Zealanders on French territory. 1918 was the most significant year for the communes of Villers-Bretonneux and Le Hamel which saw the Australian expeditionary corps halt the German advance on 25 April, thus avoiding the capture of Amiens.

Every year in Villers-Bretonneux, “Dawn Service”, a memorial ceremony, takes place at dawn on 25 April at the National Australian Memorial.

/!\ Caution /!\

All visitors to the Anzac Day commemorations at Villers-Bretonneux in 2018 will require a pass to gain entry to the Australian National Memorial and are required to carry identification with them.

To optain a pass for the commemoratives ceremonies of the Anzac Day, click here.