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Center of Sir John Monash,Villers-Bretonneux

Currently under construction, the center will inform a wide audience on the leading role for Australia in international relations, will change the way we visit battlefields and in doing so will provide a lasting international legacy of the centenary of Anzac.

Why build the center at Villers-Bretonneux?

Despite the special place that held Gallipoli in the history of the Australian nation, during the First World War, the greatest achievements and the greatest losses of Australia took place on the Western Front in France and Belgium. Between 1916 and 1918, more than 290,000 Australians have served on the Western Front. Of these, 47 000 died and more than 130,000 were injured. They have influenced the course of history in a way they had never done before and have not done since. This story deserves to be better known in Australia and Europe.

When does the project was announced?

In October 2013, the then Prime Minister announced the intention of the Australian Government to consider the development of a major interpretation center on the old Western Front in France and Belgium. The decision was announced by the Prime Minister on April 26, 2015. The center will be named the Sir John Monash Centre in honor of the Australian General who led the Australian Corps with remarkable success during much of 1918.

What is the objective of the Centre?

The Centre Sir John Monash inform a new audience on an early role for Australia in international relations, alter the business trends of the battlefields and in doing so provide a lasting international legacy of the centenary of Anzac.

A What will the Centre?

This interpretation center with international standards, designed by Cox Architecture (an international architectural firm from Sydney) will be built at the back of the Australian National Memorial at Villers-Bretonneux. The center will have an about 1,000 square meters with an interpretation area of ​​483 square meters. It will be a semi-buried building in the ground with a roof covered with grass.

The Centre will provide a fully integrated advanced multimedia experience (designed by Convergence Associates, a native of Melbourne company). It will be an experience evocative, emotional, informative and educational for visitors of all nationalities.

What is the relationship of the Centre with other memorials on the Western Front?

The Sir John Monash Centre will anchor the Australian Remembrance Trail (Australian memory lane) providing a starting point and / or return and will also provide an experience of a day for people who do not have the opportunity visit the Australian Remembrance Trail.

Nearby, the Franco-Australian museum in Villers Bretonneux is currently closed for a major renovation. Visitors to the Centre will be encouraged to visit the Franco-Australian Museum, the Australian Corps Memorial at Le Hamel and cemetery Adelaide as part of a one-day visit to Villers-Bretonneux and surroundings.