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Go on an adventure with Digger Quest

Go on an adventure with Digger Quest


Take your family on an adventure at the Sir John Monash Centre with the new Digger Quest app!

The entire Sir John Monash Centre team has been working for over a year to develop this fun and educational application. It is aimed at children aged 6 and over. Digger Quest takes children on an adventure to discover Australia's role on the Western Front during the First World War.

They will have to explore the exhibition to find clues and answers with a tablet. They will then be guided through the center's galleries by the various totems, Australian animals, and will be able to complete their quests at their own pace. 

Armed with their tablet, adventurers explore Australia and discover why this young nation fought alongside the Allies in the First World War.

Thanks to stories told by Australian soldiers and nurses, younger visitors can also immerse themselves in the daily lives of Australians in France during the First World War. 


Practical info:

  • Available from age 6
  • Duration: 45min to 1h
  • Free admission

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