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Somme Battlefields for Peace

  • Le 15/12/2023

Having suffered terribly from the Great War, the Somme cannot forget and remain inactive in the face of the many conflicts that still impact our world. With this in mind, Somme Tourisme wishes to draw on its remembrance tourism activities to initiate a solidarity movement for the benefit of countries affected by the current conflicts.

The idea is to collect funds from tourists visiting the battlefields and donate them to humanitarian NGOs. Until November 11, 2024, the funds raised will be donated to the NGO Handicap International, which provides medical and moral support to victims in conflict zones.



The approach consists of collecting funds from tourists visiting battlefields and donating them to NGOs working in the humanitarian field or specializing in reconstruction, thus bringing a form of pacification to war-torn countries. "Somme Tourisme, the initiator of this initiative, would like to actively collaborate with local professionals, associations and elected representatives to deploy this philanthropic action."

> Objectives: to ease the suffering, restore hope to populations still victims of terrible conflicts, and bring a form of pacification to war-torn countries. 



Somme Tourisme works with the "Essentiem" foundation, which has set up a dedicated campaign for donations and contributions from potential sponsors. Initially, for a period of 2 years,

Somme Tourisme would like this dedicated fund to finance the NGO "Handicap International", which provides medical and moral support to victims in conflict zones.

Donations will be collected via various channels: donation box, online participation, events and commemorations.




The Somme Battlefields for Peace partner-collectors, including the Historial de la Grande Guerre, Musée Somme 1916, Vignacourt 14-18, Cité Souterraine de Naours, Le Ptit train de la Haute Somme, as well as tourist offices (Val de Somme, Pays du Coquelicot, Avre Luce Noye, Territoire Nord Picardie, Pays de Parmentier) and hotels (Ibis Style Amiens Centre, The Originals Hôtel Amiens Sud, Hôtel Moxy, AK Hôtel Amiens), provide a donation box. Somme Tourisme has also set up a partnership with the Zénith d'Amiens: an ecocup deposited in the eco-collector donates 1 euro to Somme Battlefields for Peace.    

They are all concerned by remembrance tourism and want the memory of the Great War to help victims in countries currently at war.

If you feel concerned by this approach, would like to find out more and become a partner-collector for the Somme Battlefields for Peace movement, please contact Léa MANOT,,



To make a donation, you can visit one of our collecting partners. The Val de Somme tourist office is one of them. You can also donate online.

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